Circuit Scribe: Draw Your Own Circuits with Conductive Ink Pens

Circuit Scribe is more than just a pen. It is a tool that allows you to explore the world of electronics in a new and exciting way. With Circuit Scribe, you can draw circuits on paper and connect them to various components, such as LEDs, switches, motors, and sensors. You can also use Circuit Scribe with other materials, such as cardboard, fabric, or wood. Circuit Scribe is designed for anyone who wants to learn about electronics, from beginners to experts. You can follow the instructions in the workbook or online tutorials, or create your own projects and inventions.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Circuit Scribe Basic Kit. This kit contains everything you need to start drawing circuits, including a Circuit Scribe pen, a battery holder, two LEDs, a switch, a transistor, a potentiometer, a buzzer, and a workbook. You can make simple circuits like a light switch or a dimmer, or more complex ones like a blinking LED or a touch sensor. The workbook guides you through 27 projects with clear instructions and diagrams.

2. Best Budget: Circuit Scribe Mini Kit. This kit is perfect for those who want to try Circuit Scribe without spending too much. It includes a Circuit Scribe pen, a coin cell battery holder, two LEDs, and a switch. You can draw four basic circuits with this kit and learn how to control the brightness of the LEDs with the switch.

3. Best for STEM Education: Circuit Scribe Maker Kit. This kit is ideal for teachers and students who want to use Circuit Scribe in the classroom or at home. It contains 11 modules, including a dimmer, a motor, an accelerometer, a light sensor, and a sound trigger. You can also access online resources and curriculum that cover topics such as circuit theory, logic gates, binary numbers, and Arduino programming. The Maker Kit allows you to build interactive projects that respond to light, sound, motion, and touch.

4. Best for Creativity: Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit. This kit is the most comprehensive and versatile one in the Circuit Scribe line. It contains 19 modules, including a servo motor, an electromagnet, a solar cell, and a Bluetooth module. You can also use the conductive ink with other materials and tools, such as copper tape, conductive thread, or 3D printing. The Ultimate Kit enables you to create amazing projects that combine art and technology.

5. Best for Fun: Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit. This kit is the most fun and adventurous one in the Circuit Scribe line. It allows you to build your own drone with cardboard arms and propellers that you can draw with the conductive ink pen. You can also customize your drone with stickers and markers. The drone can be controlled with your smartphone via Bluetooth and has features such as auto takeoff and landing, altitude hold, and stunt mode.

Buying Circuit Scribe

Some things to consider before buying Circuit Scribe are:

  • Circuit Scribe is a fun and innovative way to learn about electronics and circuits. It is a pen that contains conductive ink that can be used to draw circuits on paper. You can connect various components such as LEDs, switches, buzzers, and sensors to create interactive projects.
  • The type of kit you want. There are different kits available for different levels of difficulty and complexity. Some kits include more components and modules than others.
  • The compatibility of the components. Circuit Scribe works with most standard electronic components, but some may require adapters or additional wiring. You can also use your own components if they have compatible connectors.
  • The durability of the ink. Circuit Scribe ink is water-resistant and flexible, but it can wear off over time or with excessive bending. You can use clear tape or laminate to protect your circuits from damage.

Circuit Scribe Basic Classroom Bundle (10-Pack Basic Kits) | STEM Learning Education Toys for Ages 8+ | Science Experiment Projects for Home & School


Some frequently asked questions about Circuit Scribe are:

How long does the ink last? The ink lasts for about 80 meters of continuous writing, which is equivalent to about 120 A4 pages. You can buy refill cartridges for the pen if you run out of ink.

How do I erase the ink? You can erase the ink by using a damp cloth or a wet wipe. However, this may also erase some of the paper underneath, so be careful not to damage your circuit.

How do I power my circuit? You can power your circuit by using the battery module that comes with the kit, or by using any other power source that has the same voltage and polarity. You can also use solar panels, USB cables, or other alternative sources of energy.

Final thought

Circuit Scribe is a great way to learn about electronics and circuits in a fun and creative way. You can draw your own circuits on paper and connect various components to make interactive projects. Circuit Scribe is suitable for beginners and experts alike, and it offers endless possibilities for exploration and experimentation.

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