Best TV Wall Mounts of 2024


The Best TV Wall Mounts provide a variety of alternatives, from fixed mounts to full-motion mounts, to meet your demands. The size and weight of your TV, the kind of wall you're installing it on, and the desired viewing angle are important elements to take into account. With the help of a pro's guidance and careful thought, you may select the ideal mount to improve your TV-viewing pleasure.

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Here are all of our top TV wall mounts that we have picked out for you to choose.

Buying Guide

There are various important elements to take into account when selecting the Best TV Wall Mounts to make sure you make the best decision.

Size and Weight of TV

You should first think about the size and weight of your TV. It's essential for stability and safety that you pick a mount that can support the weight and size of your TV. An insufficiently sturdy mount may cause injury or damage to the TV.

Sort of Wall

Second, it's crucial to consider the sort of wall you're mounting on. Make sure you have the right hardware to safely fasten the mount if your wall is made of plaster or drywall. You'll need to utilize specific anchors and bolts made for brick or concrete walls when attaching them to a wall.


The viewing angle you like is another thing to take into account. Do you prefer a mount that allows for tilting or swiveling, or do you want your TV to be fixed in place? A tilting or swiveling mount is useful for spaces where you need to modify the viewing angle, while a fixed mount is best if you'll be watching TV from a single location.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation is a crucial consideration, too. It's crucial to pick a mount that you can install quickly and safely because certain mounts could involve more complicated installation procedures than others. Long-term, a mount that is simple to install can save you time and aggravation.


Check that the mount you select is compatible with the VESA pattern on your TV, which is the pattern used to fasten TVs to mounts. The majority of mounts will list the VESA sizes that they support.

Cable Management

To keep your room appearing orderly and clean, a decent TV wall mount will offer features to manage and conceal cords. This reduces the possibility of tripping over cables or unintentionally pulling them out.

Build Quality

Choose a mount that is composed of strong, long-lasting materials so that it will endure longer and offer superior support and stability. A well-made mount will last longer and support your TV's weight without sagging or tilting. It will also be less prone to wear and tear.


1. How do I choose the right kind of TV wall mount?

The size and weight of your TV, the type of wall you're hanging it on, the preferred viewing angle, and convenience of installation should all be taken into account. This will enable you to choose the mount type that best suits your requirements.

2. Why is a VESA pattern important? What is it?

The answer is that TV mounts are connected to them using a VESA pattern. The VESA pattern on your TV must be compatible with the mount you choose in order to provide a safe and secure installation.

3. Do I need a pro to install a TV wall mount, or can I do it myself?

The complexity of the installation procedure and your level of competence will determine this. Although certain mounts might be simpler to install than others, it's always advisable to seek expert assistance to make sure the mount is fitted securely and safely.


The size and weight of your TV, the type of wall you're mounting on, the viewing angle you want, convenience of installation, compatibility with your TV's VESA pattern, cable management, and construction quality are all important considerations when selecting the Best TV Wall Mounts. 

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